01 Welcome

Strategy Consultants. Market Experts.

A deep understanding of our clients and the markets in which they operate, combined with a relentless focus on delivering results, has made Credo the preferred advisor to senior executives and investors.

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02 About

Valued for expertise, quality and impact

Credo advises senior executives and investors to help them make and implement better strategic decisions. Our unrivalled expertise in our core markets means that we are widely seen as the ‘go to’ firm for strategic advice.

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03 Sectors

Knowledge of our markets

Credo is well recognised as a market leader in our core sectors, with extensive experience in a broad and growing range of markets, including; Business & support services, Engineering, construction & infrastructure, Health & social care, Software and IT Services, Telecoms and Transport.

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04 Capabilities

Clear set of capabilities

Credo provides advice underpinned by rigorous analysis and strategic insight. This is reflected across a broad set of capabilities by which we advise our clients from the initial stages of strategy development through all the activities required to execute that strategy.

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05 Case Studies

See our client insights

We have established a clear leadership position on advising our clients on the key challenges and opportunities in their sectors. As part of this leadership position we continue to publish fresh insight and creative thinking on many of the key challenges facing our core markets.

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06 Careers

Exceptional individuals wanted

Credo is a market leading, boutique strategy consultancy with global reach and an unrivalled reputation in our target markets. We undertake high-value, innovative work across a wide range of sectors.

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07 People

Meet the team

The Credo senior team are respected and recognised sector experts, who combine a wealth of experience with a highly commercial and pragmatic mindset. Our team has a proven ability to innovate and bring fresh perspectives to existing problems.

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