Case study: Software, BPO & IT Services

Offshore global model development & execution for a global HRO firm

The Problem: Overlapping offices, chaotic delivery, insufficient offshore capability

A global BPO firm had executed a number of acquisitions, growing quickly from a regional to a global footprint .

Attempts had been made to leverage some of the benefits of nearshore or offshore delivery but in a very chaotic way.  Individual departments were developing their own approaches, small and uneconomical pockets of staff were springing up around the world.

Credo was asked by the CEO to work with management and develop a coherent delivery model including a suitable long term offshore strategy for the business.

Our Approach: Unpick the mess, develop the right solution, plan the journey

We started by unravelling the puzzle that had grown up over a number of years.  Segmenting contracts into processes and building a clear view of what work was being done where today.

Leveraging industry research, best-practice examples and Credo benchmarks, we designed an appropriate future strategy which was stress-tested against the realities of the business.  What work should be done where ;to meet the quality aspirations of customers; at a cost point appropriate to the business.

We supported management to develop the business cases for property rationalisation, migrations of work and investment in enabling technologies.

The Result: A best-in-class delivery model

The business embarked on a multi-year journey towards the planned optimum service delivery model.  That journey has been completed.

The business has a clear operating standard that allows for a flexible mix of onshore & offshore delivery to meet client preferences and price-sensitivity.

Multiple offshore locations have been leveraged to maximise the efficiency of different process types (online & offline), while delivering scale centre economics.


Tim Nixon
Tim leads Credo's IT services practice, and has deep industry-experience in HCM. He has lived in the UK, India, South East Asia & the USA and leads Credo's thought leadership in BPO/BPaaS & HCM.
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