Case study: Financial investors

The Commercial Due Diligence provider of choice in the business services sector

The problem: Articulating the opportunities and risks across an extensive deal flow

Over the past decade, we have provided commercial due diligence on many of the major transactions in the business and support services industries.  We work across the entire spectrum of financial investors, we have worked billion pound deals for the largest multi national PE firms, and have become the advisor of choice for a number of the smaller, mid market firms.

Our approach: Combining market knowledge, flexibility and professional integrity

We do not have a standard process to due diligence; we refine our approach for each assignment to meet the requirements of our client.

However, we tend to deploy a range of common characteristics across all of our assignments:

As important as our ability to help clients to win processes is our willingness to say that a deal is the wrong thing to do. We have:

The Results: Numerous successful deals

Our commercial due diligence has helped investors close numerous deals across the business and support services sector, and ensured that we have built a strong reputation as a trusted advisor to the key investors in the sector.  Please feel free to contact us for more information on specific assignments.


Simon Bones
Simon co-leads Credo's Business and Support Services capability, with a particular focus on Infrastructure Markets, Facilities Management, Process Outsourcing and wider Business Services and Distribution and Mail Services. Simon also leads Credo's Private Equity practice.
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