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Credo Benchmarking of Rail Services Across Great Britain

Credo, in association with the Campaign for Better Transport, has published a report Benchmarking Rail Services Across Great Britain.  It compares regional rail performance across investment, growth and passenger satisfaction. The key findings are

We have undertaken this research in association with the Campaign for Better Transport.  Stephen Joseph, Chief Executive, Campaign for Better Transport.  Speaking of the report, Stephen commented that "The research exposes the huge disparities in the quality of train services across the country. Importantly, it suggests the answer is to give local administrations more control over their rail networks. By devolving more decision making we can make full use of local knowledge and target investment where it will bring the biggest benefits."

Peter Wilkinson, Director of Franchising, Department for Transport has welcomed the report, saying that  “Credo's study raises important issues about the relative performance of the rail industry across the UK. There are challenges for all regions in improving the performance of our railways. We, the industry and local government must consider how we best work together to tackle the issues this report raises."

Benchmarking Rail Services Across Great Britain recommends that each nation and region develop a plan to address the challenges they face. These strategies should consider five key themes:

Download a copy of the report here

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