Regulated lotteries across the world have enjoyed periods of sustained growth, but face a consistent set of challenges as they grapple with how to remain relevant in a consumer marketplace which offers increasing choice and competition and they consider how to  capture the opportunity of digital growth in a responsible manner in the face of highly agile digital competitors.  Credo is one of the leading strategy advisors to public and private sector clients across the regulated lottery sector, helping them develop strategies to respond to these challenges and evolve their models to remain relevant in a changing market place.

Credo has a rapidly-growing practice in the gaming industry and, particularly, has become one of the leading strategic advisors to public and private sector clients in the regulated lottery sector.  We have carried out multiple assignments for clients around the world, including operators, service providers and technology vendors – and have an unmatched understanding of the key issues facing the industry and its participants. Notable assignments include:

  • Development of a comprehensive 10-year strategic growth plan for the world’s leading multi-jurisdictional lottery group, on behalf of its governing committee
  • Supporting a major bid to manage the operations of a US state lottery, leading the development of the bid’s proposed revenue growth, commercial, marketing and distribution strategy
  • Strategic, operational and organisational design for a major global provider of technology and services
  • Evaluation of IT and vendor strategy for the Board of a major Nordic lottery and gaming operator
  • Analysis into the development of online and mobile penetration in key European gaming markets and development of a comprehensive multi-channel (retail, digital, mobile) strategy for a leading operator

Our work across the lotteries sector draws on a wide range of service areas.  This ranges from “classic” strategic planning and organisation design, through to the challenges of digital transformation and technology strategy.  As state operators increasingly look to leverage the expertise of private operators, we are also helping our clients bid for these opportunities, assisting both in the collation of the bid itself and the mobilisation of resources in new geographies to capitalise on the opportunities of successful contract wins.

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