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Changes to the industry

  • The launch of newTLDs is a major disruption and opportunity for the Web Domain & Naming industry
  • From 2013 onwards, the ‘explosion’ of new Top Level Domains (TLDs), will provide increased choice, but will also radically alter the landscape of the naming industry
  • The impacts of newTLDs on consumers and companies has been the subject of much industry discussion and debate. Less discussed is the impact this change will have on the industry that exists to service customer needs i.e. the Web Hosting firms, Registries, Registrars & Resellers within the industry. The impact of new TLDs will be significant
    • Increasing competitive pressure on established gTLDs: .com, .net, .biz, .info, .org etc.
    • Increasing competitive pressure on ccTLDs: .us, .uk, .fr, .de etc.
    • Stimulating new pricing models and concepts of value-add validation and/or community associated with TLDs
    • Bring a multiplicity of new entrants into the Registry market, whilst defining new models of utility and marketing activity
    • Disrupting key tenets of the naming industry’s way-of-working i.e. Registry and Registrar separation
  • As the impact of this disruption becomes clear, it is expected that the industry will undergo significant consolidation and force elements of the industry to evolve

Credo as a consulting partner

  • Credo is a strategy consulting and transaction services boutique with a reputation for agility, commercial pragmatism and effective support for our clients
  • Credo has been supporting clients in the Web Domain industry since 2008, working with leading Registries and Registrars on a range of strategic initiatives
    • We work to solve business questions on business strategy, organic growth, transactions and operational performance improvement
    • We work globally supporting our clients at home., internationally and in emerging markets
  • To learn more about Credo and how we can support you email tim.nixon@credoconsulting.com

Meet the team

Web hosting & domain name practice

Tim Nixon


With 12 years industry and consulting experience, Tim leads Credo’s Software, BPO & IT Services practice. Tim has a particular focus on the Web hosting & domain name industry having consulted for one of the world’s largest Registries over several years.

David Stewart

Special Advisor

Dave has been a Special Advisor to Credo since 2014. Former client, turned advisor, Dave advises Credo with a particular focus on domain names and web hosting services. Dave is Vice President of Sales and Marketing at the Public Interest Registry.

Registry projects

Credo has supported leading gTLD and ccTLD Registries in the US and Europe

Go-to-market strategy

  • Review of current channel engagement; review of alternative channel options; investment case for revised g-t-m approach

Channel incentive programme redesign

  • Analysing historic incentive programme structures; (‘hard’ & ‘soft’); interviewing Registrars to determine positive and negative attributes of programmes, quantitative analysis of outcomes; final programme design

Security product strategy

  • Proposition development and testing for new online security products and services related to potential release of security-focused GTLDs

Registrar projects

Credo has supported leading Consumer and Business-focused Registrars

M&A strategy and due diligence

  • Review of adjacent markets (domain-related services, new geographies); Acquisition strategy and profiles of potential targets
  • Commercial due diligence including market assessment, customer referencing, competitor assessment

Sales effectiveness

  • Redesign of sales model and sales organisation; Design and setup of lead generation function; Creation of sales presentations

New gTLD strategy

  • Review of new gTLD applications and volume forecasts; Design of new gTLD sales campaign


Periodically, Credo publishes our thoughts and Points of View on the market

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