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We consistently demonstrate thought leadership across our core markets and continue to develop fresh insight and creative thinking on many important themes.

NHS Group Models: Working together for a more sustainable NHS

NHS providers face significant challenges in form of rising demand, severe workforce shortages and an increasingly constrained funding environment. Credo’s paper – "NHS Group Models: Working together for a more sustainable NHS" – highlights the opportunity for providers to work together under more formal arrangements to create system-wide solutions to these challenges.

The new norm in CRM BPO

The impact of a new digital reality, in disrupting old ways-of-working in the CRM BPO industry, is potentially both a major opportunity, but also a possible threat for clients and outsourcers alike. This new digital reality is a combination of not only the continuing move online €™, but also a reflection of the new software and related innovative technologies that will impact the industry. In this whitepaper, Credo explores some of these themes

Ensuring a Sustainable Rail Industry

In partnership with Campaign For Better Transport, Credo undertook a review of the UK rail franchise model to identify a strategy for refinement and improvement of the franchise model in light of recent challenges.

Winning the War for Talent

With the growing skills gap in construction, employers need to act now to attract and retain the best talent and cannot afford to wait for Government's long term plans to take effect. Employers need to create a differentiated total rewards package to attract and retain talent. The Credo TrueChoice Analytics solution helps companies to develop such packages, by comparing the cost of each offering.

The Data Opportunity

Produced in a partnership by Credo and Siemens “The Data Opportunity” aims to showcase how digitalization today is being applied across the mobility sector and analyze how data can drive value for society, operators and authorities. It examines the global impact of investment in data-focused transport solutions and how it will improve transport systems.

Energy Management – Can FM capture a share of the GCC prize?

The report looks at the likely evolution of the emerging energy management market in the GCC, the opportunities it presents for the FM industry and the barriers to its growth. It examines how well prepared the FM industry is to take a lead in the development of the market, the propositions likely to appeal most to its customers, and the competition it faces from other interested parties.

Credo Benchmarking of Rail Services Across Great Britain

Credo, in association with the Campaign for Better Transport, has published a report benchmarking rail services Across Great Britain. It compares regional rail performance across investment, growth and passenger satisfaction.

The Mobility Opportunity

A ground breaking study by Credo in conjunction with Siemens, The Mobility Opportunity examines the public transport systems of 35 global cities in order to quantify the potential global economic uplift that could be realized by investing in transport infrastructure. The study then takes this one step further by presenting recommendations for cities.

GCC FM Briefing 2013

Credo, in association with MEFMA (Middle East Facilities Management Association) has published a report on FM in the GCC, based on a survey of 35 of the leading industry participants in the region.

Management of railway stations

The Department for Transport is keen to deliver improvements at railway stations, but the current industry structure does not allow train operating companies to make the necessary investments, and a new model is required.  Using our experience across the support services industries and our understanding of the infrastructure investment community, we look at a Station Management Company model which can deliver.