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Your CV and cover letter introduce you to us. It is crucial that they accurately and succinctly convey who you are and what you will bring to Credo.


Many applicants either write too much or too little - a CV for consultancy should ideally be one to two sides of A4.

What you must include:

Personal details: Please include all basic information, such as a daytime contact number, e-mail and your address.

Qualifications: Your degree result/or equivalent (expected or achieved) is crucial, as are your A-Level grades or equivalent and any other professional qualifications.

Work experience & employment: It is not enough to list each previous job. You should briefly explain your roles and responsibilities and draw out the experiences you think are relevant to us.

Extra-curricular activities: Someone who has taken on responsibilities away from their studies or formal job role shows drive, determination and interest. When have you led a team, run a project or made a difference?

Other skills: Make your skills stand out - languages, IT ability, etc.

Be interesting: Credo is genuinely interested in your hobbies, interests and travel. We want to work with interesting people.

What you could leave out:

Covering letter

Your covering letter is the first impression you will make and formatting the letter properly is essential. Use the opportunity to make yourself stand out. You should address the following questions and highlight areas of your experience that support your answers:

Please address your cover letter to Oliver Twinam, who is currently leading the Recruitment team.

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"At Credo you work alongside great people solving interesting problems. It provides an opportunity to learn a lot very quickly, with early client exposure."Associate Consultant
"At Credo, you can reasonably expect your first two years to give you an excellent grounding in our core sectors."Associate Consultant
"Credo offers superb career progression opportunities with a strong internal mentoring and coaching system and six-monthly chances for promotion."Associate Consultant
"There is no typical day for a strategy consultant which is one of the things I love about the job. "Associate Consultant
"My colleagues are smart, great fun and have become good friends. "Consultant
"Credo really engages in making our working hours and environment as pleasant as possible."Consultant
"As many of our projects are relatively short the job is constantly changing – in a few months you can become an expert on many different sectors. "Associate Consultant
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