The interview

Consultancy interviews typically consist of several elements designed to test different skills and abilities in candidates. The Credo interview process involves CV chats, case studies and a numeracy test.

The CV chat

The CV chat should be an interesting conversation about your experiences, the reasons for your career choice and your awareness of business issues. It will give you the opportunity to demonstrate:

Feel free to ask questions. It is as important that you like Credo as it is for us to like you. Anything worth wondering about is worth a question.

The case study

Consultancies use case studies to test the way a candidate approaches a problem. The following guidance is applicable to almost all case studies and can help lead you towards a good answer:

Case studies tend to come in two broad types. These are:

The numeracy test

Successful strategy consulting does not require you to be a mathematician but being comfortable with figures and good mental arithmetic is essential. Credo, like most consultancies, has a numerical test and will also test numeracy during case studies. This is likely to focus on some key skills:

If you have not used maths in a long time we strongly recommend practising arithmetic and simple maths both in your head and on paper. Practise rounding figures up and simplifying calculations - speed and approximate figures can be a better idea than a time-consuming, accurately worked long division.

Make sure your workings are clear and take your time with calculations that cannot be done in your head.

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"As many of our projects are relatively short the job is constantly changing – in a few months you can become an expert on many different sectors. "Associate Consultant
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"Credo offers superb career progression opportunities with a strong internal mentoring and coaching system and six-monthly chances for promotion."Associate Consultant
"At Credo you work alongside great people solving interesting problems. It provides an opportunity to learn a lot very quickly, with early client exposure."Associate Consultant
"There is no typical day for a strategy consultant which is one of the things I love about the job. "Associate Consultant
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