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We have an outstanding training programme and a career support and guidance structure in place for every individual.


Credo offers a comprehensive programme of external and internal training throughout your career.

New joiners cover the basics of the consulting 'tool kit‘ in a week-long induction course that includes seminar style learning, presenting and research assignments. Quarterly training days then allow all consultants to progress through an internal curriculum of courses covering a broad range of soft and technical skills which supplement on-the-job learning. Senior Consultants and Managers will have access to personal training budgets to tailor courses to their specific needs.

In addition to this, both hard and soft skills are supplemented with specialist external training. This includes for example accounting and financial statements analysis, and presentation skills.


Credo runs a mentoring scheme to ensure that you can seek advice and guidance from more experienced members of our team. Mentors are generally a grade or two more senior than you and can provide practical insight into what the next step entails and how to get there.

In addition, all graduate hires are assigned a coach, who is a member of the senior management team, to provide career guidance and support your personal and professional development. Coaches are approached for advice or support on project allocations and are happy to offer advice taking into account your case experience, strengths and  targeted areas of development.

More informally, the nature of Credo means that there is always someone who will be happy to help.

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"At Credo, you can reasonably expect your first two years to give you an excellent grounding in our core sectors."Associate Consultant
"At Credo you work alongside great people solving interesting problems. It provides an opportunity to learn a lot very quickly, with early client exposure."Associate Consultant
"There is no typical day for a strategy consultant which is one of the things I love about the job. "Associate Consultant
"Credo really engages in making our working hours and environment as pleasant as possible."Consultant
"Credo offers superb career progression opportunities with a strong internal mentoring and coaching system and six-monthly chances for promotion."Associate Consultant
"As many of our projects are relatively short the job is constantly changing – in a few months you can become an expert on many different sectors. "Associate Consultant
"My colleagues are smart, great fun and have become good friends. "Consultant
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